Get your true hourly rate, from real humans w/ data.

We're a team on a mission to make sure independent software builders (developers, designers, product folks, growth experts, etc.) get paid what they're worth. This isn't a calculator - just real folks, with data, telling you what you should be charging.

Why we're doing this

We're the team behind a VC-backed platform called A·Team that helps top independent builders team up for meaningful, high-paying missions with amazing companies. However, too often builders tell us "I'm not sure my hourly rate." Or worse, they dramatically under-price their services. So we wanted to fix this. We know there are other "calculators" out there - but they're generic, and don't take into account specific individual experiences. So we didn't feel comfortable recommending them to our members. Instead, we decided to make something better. Leveraging the expertise of the humans on our team (who work with freelancers every day), combined with our data, we can give you an hourly rate you can trust.

An hourly rate you can trust.

Not "instant" like the calculators, but an hourly rate that's reflective of you.

Fill out a 90-second form

We'll only collect the data we need to give you the most accurate rate range.

Give us 4-7 business days

Our team of expert humans will look at what you sent + crunch some numbers.

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We'll send the hourly rate range we think you can command on the market.

Why trust us?

At A·Team, we've seen hourly rates from several thousand independent builders over the past ~18 months, across a wide range of skillsets. We've also spoken to hundreds of clients looking to hire them. We think we have a better sense of freelancer market rates than just about anyone else out there. We interact with these numbers every day, and amassed a nice heap of proprietary data along the way. We believe that independent work is core to the future of work, but it breaks down when one side - generally the independent builder - suffers from information asymmetry and doesn't know their worth. Our mission has always been to empower independent builders. So this initiative to level the playing field is one way we're trying to do that.

Get your true hourly rate today

We want to empower independent builders to be paid what they're worth. We're excited to give you our two cents -and hopefully a lot more.

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